Aura spray bottles to feel good

the new large range for the whole family

* natural * biologically * finely *

developed and researched by

Heidemarie Klinger – Alternative Therapy

Energetic body spray
stored information on gemstone water & magnets
Energy programs for deriving negative vibrations

All spray bottles marked
with 1* are diverting germs and toxic substance waves
and all spray bottles marked with 2** are strengthening
your energies like an “anti-aging-program”

A product of spiritual healing
* No medication in the sense of the law

* testing for your health issues *

* 15,00 Euro for the first test per person *

* simply send me your picture by Email *

* I test you with the help of my programs and let you know the result right away *

* Furthermore I recommend the appropriate Klinger energetic spray bottles *

* Mail:  *

Aus der Praxis – aktuelle Berichte

NatĂŒrlich* biologisch* feinstofflich*

Energetischer Körperspray

Energieprogramme zum Ausleiten