Instructions for use 

Use the Spray bottles 3 times daily,
spraying in the mouth, over your food and in your beverages.
Please consult with your energetic consultant for length of treatment.

Additionally hold the bottles in your hand and carry them in the bag
next to your body. At night, keep them close to you.
Spray in your home, in your work place, on your computer and in your car.

Be sure to change the towels and bed sheets.
Use the spray bottles for your entire family and your pets to avoid contamination amongst each other.

For prevention purposes take the sprays with you while traveling.
They remain strong on the airplane and stay useable for a very long time.



Refills with gemstone water


All spray bottles can be refilled with gemstone water.

When refilling the bottles, it is important to fill one bottle at a time, leaving some distance between the spray bottle and the refill gemstone water. This will avoid the energy from one bottle contaminating the refill water and the energy of other spray bottles. The spray bottle and the bottle containing the refill water are not supposed to touch each other.

It helps to use a small measuring container. Don`t use a funnel!

Please dry the products well before putting them next to each other
and keep them out of direct sunlight.