Carola F. (the first name of the editor) had initially believed that she had been suffering from hay fever recently, when in the spring her eyes began to ache and constantly watered. “I was just fifty, and I had the same age with a friend of mine, and I immediately sought the curative surgeon of my trust, hoping to get something from her complaints, but Heidemarie Klinger could be my guess but I do not know if I can get rid of it, but I do not know what it is I was very happy that I was with Mrs. Klinger, because school medicine can hardly do anything against chlamydia are antibiotic resistant, but are specifically weakened with the special Klinger-Wellensystem, spo das s the body defense can turn them off later. My eyes, my glasses, my food and my drinks should be treated regularly with a certain spray bottle. Besides, I gave some of it on my head pillow. It took only a short week before my complaints had completely disappeared! Already in the first days I felt a clear improvement and also my vision seemed to take again. Finally, I could enjoy the summer again, had no more pain and my eyes did not water at every opportunity. Fortunately, the spread of the two pathogens could be prevented. “